The Olympic torch world relay is getting a lot of attention due to protests by Tibetans and their supporters. While the current Dalai Lama has been popular in the West, the condition of his land and people are not as well known to most of the world.

Tibet has a long history of independence. At times, it was even an empire, whose rule extended up to the Bengal to the South and Mongolia to the North. In 1950, China invaded Tibet and since then ruled it as an “autonomous” province. And as the usual practice of imperialists and colonizers, China settled Tibet with its people – the Han Chinese – just as what it does to its other colonies like the Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Autonomous Province.

The United States, through the CIA, supported Tibetan resistance from the 1950s up to 1972 when then President Nixon visited China and initiated a policy of rapprochement with the Communist giant nation.

Like the “Autonomous” Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARRM), there is no real autonomy in Tibet and other Chinese “autonomous” provinces. And like Moroland, millions of colonial settlers were sent to Tibet in the name of nationalism, development and progress.

Fortunately for the Tibetans, they have a charismatic leader in the person of the Dalai Lama who had managed to have good publicity in the West and most of the world. It is just proper that the Dalai Lama is calling on the world’s attention to the plight of Tibet and its people now that China is hosting this year’s Summer Olympics.


It is quite ironic that the world torch relay was started in the Berlin Olympics in 1936 when Germany was under Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler wanted to show the supremacy of his so-called “Aryan” race and emphasize the continuation of world dominance from the Greek and Roman civilizations to the Third Reich.

Today, the world torch relay gets a lot of attention because of the presence of Tibetan protesters and their supporters. The Tibetans and their supporters all over the world are calling the attention of everyone that China’s domination of other people – in this case, Tibet – should be put to a stop.


In the new millennium, couldn’t we all be free and live like dignified human beings unfettered by colonialists and colonial powers?

Free Tibet! Free Moroland – the Land of the Bangsa Moro! Free the World!



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