The ILAGAS (Rats) are back!

The Ilagas are back!

In the early 1970s, the Ilagas (Ilonggo LAnd Grabbers Association) wrecked havoc in Mindanao by killing as many Moros as they could. Ilaga is the Visayan word for rat. The Ilonggos are the people of the Ilo-ilo / Negros region. They were then supported by the Marcos military to create trouble in Mindanao. The Moros, led by the more prominent families, fought back. The MNLF wars were born.

Cotabato Vice Governor Emmanuel Pinol, an Ilonggo and allegedly an Ilaga, is raising such a fury, calling on all Christian Filipinos to come to his rescue and destroy the GRP-MILF Agreement on Ancestral Domain. He claimed that his towns were attacked by the MILF and that the military did not want to defend his constituents.

Fellow Ilonggos Senator Mar Roxas and former Senate President Frank Drilon immediately came to the rescue. They filed a case to the Supreme Court to junk the said agreement. Senator Roxas’s girlfriend, TV personality Korina Sanchez, joined the Ilaga bandwagon and continues to lambaste the agreement in her radio and TV programs.

The fact that Pinol, an alleged Ilaga, is now a Vice Governor and owner of a 2000 hectare plantation should remind the Moros that they have gone practically nowhere since the 1970s war despite the several agreements the Philippine government has signed with the Moro fronts. In fact, Moroland has been “officially” reduced to a handful of provinces where not even half of the Moros live.


8 thoughts on “The ILAGAS (Rats) are back!

  1. ilonggos mo puro tikalon,bakakon p gid..ay!!ambot ninyo…pag gera n lng mo para lingaw m tanan..heheheheheheehe..matirang matibay….kng kinsa ang daog s war!!ara kmu premyo..kng peldi..tae gyud n hehehhe

  2. Of course you have to also take into
    consideration that the MNLF that the Ilaga killed
    also massacred WOMEN and CHILDREN…
    so what if they did kill? its an eye for an eye

  3. The Pinols are from Pangasinan, never an Ilonggo…you can never hear a Pinol last name in Iloilo or Negros. The Pinols came to mindanao and learned to speak Ilonggo. It was the MILF Umbra Kato and Bravo who brought back the Ilaga….The people felt the AFP did not protect them from sychopant Kato and Bravo hence the people in act of self preservation wants the group they felt would protect them ressurected….Since these MILF only knows the language of violence then it will be good to talk with them in their choosen language…

  4. ang mga cebuano lang naman ang makikinabang
    pagkatapos ng giyerang ito..mga duwag..patas
    kung lumaban ang ILAGA..ilong ang nagtanim
    moro ang sasaing..cebuano ang kakain

  5. fuck those muslims…its better they’re back to neutralise those fucking bastard muslim…that’s why mindanao is not progressing because of these fucking muslims…fuck

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