Once upon a time, when two individuals engage in a debate, the viewers or audience can immediately judge the winner or loser. But with today’s technology, the loser can still emerge as the winner.

Any intelligent and objective spectator could easily determine that Obama gave the much stronger arguments during the debate.

But nowadays, the debaters’ spinmeisters can easily spin half-truths and non sequiturs and let their media people disseminate them to the public as soon as the debate is over.

So-called analysts and “experts” as well as media personalities then add to the yarns of the spin doctors.

Fortunately, there are the poll takers who take the pulse of ordinary citizens.


Immediately after the debate, CNN’s panel of experts gave their views. Most were trying to be neutral but the clear impression one got was Obama won the debate.

This was confirmed by the surveys done on the viewers.

But as the hours went on, news programs on CNN, BBC and other networks tried to give the impression that the debate was a tie or that McCain won.

The newspapers’ pundits refused to name the winner.

Fortunately for everyone, the numbers in the polls are crystal clear – Obama won.


Despite the very clear numbers, others still won’t give credit to Obama.

At the CNN for example, an analyst explained that the Gallup tracking poll which showed Obama leading McCain 49% – 44% on 26 Sept was due to the financial crisis. And even though the poll showed Obama increase his lead over McCain 50% – 42% on 27 and 28 Sept, the analyst claimed that Obama did not really gain any points in the debate.

How in the world can that analyst say those conclusions with a straight face is mind boggling, especially since the anchor did not even question it. Obama gained 3 percentage points! Is 50-42 the same as 49-44? How then could he say that the debate did not help Obama’s popularity / credibility at all?


Immediately after the debates, many so-called experts claimed that the debate was a dead heat. They claimed that although Obama was better in the economy issues, McCain was better in the security issues.

Really? It is on video tape that Henry Kissinger said “NO PRECONDITIONS” in meeting with Iranian leaders. McCain said Kissinger said no such thing. Obama rightly pointed out that while McCain insists on preconditions, his adviser, Mr. Kissinger as well as other former Secretaries of State, declared that they would meet with leaders of perceived enemy states without preconditions.

It was a good thing that Amanpour, who hosted the interview with the Secretaries of State was at the CNN studio panel during the debates and she verified that Kissinger said no preconditions.

Analysts after analysts in CNN, BBC and other networks tried (and are still trying) to give the impression that the debate either was even or that McCain won the security issue arguments.

Fortunately, the numbers are against these media spinmeisters. All polls after the debate all showed Obama won hands down, in all categories.


I wonder what the spinmeisters will do for the Biden – Palin debate. Well, I’ll just wait for Tina Fey’s re-enactments on Saturday Night Live.


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