I don’t understand why Filipino settlers in Mindanao keep on sending offensive comments. There is nothing offesnsive in my posts. I merely state facts — historical or current, and well documented.

Since these maleducated people love to insult, I do not post their comments but simply answer them with my own insults through e-mail.

For those who want to send insulting comments, don’t bother. Just send me an email so I will answer you with a good load of insults of my own.

I understand that many, if not most Filipino settlers in Mindanao hate the Moros. That is natural. They came and keep on coming to Moroland as strangers and then claim it as their own. They are just like the Spaniards who hated the indios of the Americas and the Philippines; or the Israelis who hate the Palestinians; or the Europeans in South Africa (Afrikaners) who hated (perhaps still hate) the indigenous Africans; or the French in Algeria who hated the native Algerians, etc.

But I did not create this blog to be a venue for the hatred of the Mindanao settlers for the indigenous inhabitants of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan.

The latest comment from an indio settler (Jaime J. A. Rivera, Pres./CEO of Juan S. Alano Co., Inc. of Basilan) included:

You think Gaza had it bad? Huh… you haven’t tasted hell yet!

Mr. Rivera has delusion of grandeur. He compares his group (perhaps including the Philippine government) with Israel and the Moros with the Palestinians in Gaza. There are lots of similarities between the Palestinian issue and the Moro issue — basically LANDGRABBING. But not in terms of military strength. The Philippines is nothing like Israel militarily. The Philippine military cannot even defeat a small band of brigands like the Abu Sayyaf Group.

I suggest that Mr. Rivera call on all Indio settlers in Moroland to declare and start an “all-out war” against the Bangsa Moro peoples. Let us see who will taste Hell.

At any rate, I welcome intelligent criticism and discussion of issues. But please don’t be rude.


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