Chinaman calls Philippines ‘a nation of servants’

Chinese best-selling author and columnist Chip Tsao wrote a satirical piece in one of his columns, which was also published in Hong Kong Online. He called the Philippines “a nation of servants” which had Filipino bloggers up in arms and calling the writer names. Of course, hardly anyone had anything bad to say against China or Hong Kong or the Chinese in general, particularly the Chinese in the Philippines. The Filipino ire is primarily focused only on Chip Tsao, the writer.

HK Online deleted Mr. Chip Tsao’s article but somebody was able to save a screen shot of it. The article is reproduced below for posterity’s sake:



2 thoughts on “Chinaman calls Philippines ‘a nation of servants’

  1. Mr. Tsao, when you insult a person, you could hardly blame them for extracting retribution. However, when you dared to insult a nation, you’re signing your own death sentence.
    For a celebrated writer, you have profoundly insulted your own profession with this article.
    To a certain degree, Mr. Tsao, everyone is a patriot; you managed to breach the line between criticism and inciting a jihad.
    I congratulate you for your demeaning your fellow countrymen as models of culture and higher education.
    In but one single article, you have, most likely, destroyed an entire sector of revenue for your region’s economy.
    Welcome to the ranks of infamy.

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