The Philippine Ombudsman is responsible for investigating and prosecuting government officials for graft and corruption. Unfortunately, the Office of the Ombudsman is not known to have prosecuted any top government officials in spite of the numerous recommendations by the Senate and House of Representatives.

In fact, the present Ombudsman, Merceditas Gutierrez, is perceived to be too close to former President Gloria Arroyo such that any case filed against the former president will not prosper.

Cases at the Ombudsman are usually expected to be dismissed or to last forever.

But the case against Mendoza et al was done with extreme haste. By Sept 27, the Ombudsman already found Mendoza’s group to be guilty as charged.

Thus, Rolando Mendoza’s 30-year or so service, including all the medals and awards he received as exemplary policeman, was reduced to naught.

Mendoza appealed and sent three hand-written letters to the Ombudsman praying for a review of the case. All to no avail.

Mendoza posted a large cartolina paper in the windshield of the bus enumerating the case numbers of his cases at the Ombudman. This action indicates that Mendoza wanted the world to look into his case and decide for themselves. It is obvious that Mendoza believes he was not guilty.

There was not a single hearing. Even the supposed complainant, a Mr. Kalaw, did not appear at the Ombudsman. The same charges against Mendoza filed at DOJ and Internal Affairs were dismissed for failure of complainant to appear.


At last Saturday’s investigation of the recent hostage-taking crisis, the hostage assistant negotiator Maj. Salvador testified that Rolando Mendoza got very agitated when he was talking to Deputy Ombudsman Gonzalez. He exclaimed, “P….. I.. mo (S.O.B.), Humihingi ka pa ng P 150, 000.00! P….. I.. mo! Kung may mamamatay dito, kasalanan mo lahat!” (S.O.B., You were even asking for P150,000.00   If people will die here, it is all your fault! You S.O.B.!)

Poor Mendoza and company. They were punished for allegedly extorting P20,000.00 when in reality,  the (Deputy) Ombudsman was extorting them seven and a half times more!

The accusation of Mendoza against Gonzales over the phone was witnessed by Major Salvador, Col. Yebra and the bus driver.

So now we know! Mendoza himself blames the Deputy Ombudsman for the hostage-taking crisis. A hostage-taker can be likened to a dead man walking or a dying man. His words therefore could be taken like the testimony of a dying man.



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