Mranaos rally in Marawi

(If the video won’t play, click here)
(Note: in the video, the announcer meant municipios or municipalities instead of  probinsya or provinces.)

At least 30,000 people marched and rallied in Marawi City last  Monday , 22 November. The marchers demand that President Aquino decide once and for all whether he wants Peace or War. The placards and the rally speakers denounce Pnoy’s pussyfooting on the negotiations with MILF. The President declared that the negotiations would take place immediately after the month of Ramadhan (the 9th month in the Islamic calendar). It is now Dhul-hijjah (the 12th month in Islamic calendar.)

The rallyists gave their go signal for the MILF to revert to Independence as the goal, and not mere autonomy.

The huge number of rallyists is very telling especially since the Philippine Army decided to parade their might – with tanks and armored vehicles — on the streets of Marawi. This is the first time the military has done so since Pres. Estrada’s “all-out war”.

The sight of all the army vehicles is clear proof that Lanao, like the rest of Muslim Mindanao, is under an Occupying Force.

Amazingly, despite the big number of rallyists and the show of force of the military, the mainstream mass media did not even cover the event. Practically, a news blackout. Evidently, the vaunted Philippine “Free Press” is available only for the non-Muslim Filipinos.


Huge crowd gathered in Marawi

Mranao rally 2 2010


tanks n women
Army tanks vs Mranao women
Army armored vehicles vs Mranao schoolgirls


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