What is PeNoy’s quid for Najib’s quo?

When Filipinos commit murder in foreign countries, the Philippine government go on bended knees asking foreign countries to spare the lives of these Filipinos.

When the Sultan’s relatives went to Sabah, which was the home of the Tausugs for centuries, they were immediately threatened and humiliated by the Philippine President. (The Sultan’s and Rajah Muda’s father lived for some time in Sabah)


The sheer arrogance of the President, his utter disrespect to the Sulu royalty (and by extension to the Bangsa Moro people), his belittling of the Sabah claim and his humiliating subservience to the Malaysian Prime Minister are so mind-numbing.

I cannot understand how any self-respecting Moro could stomach the sheer arrogance of PeNoy and his people towards the Sultan, his people (and by extension the Bangsa Moro) and the claim to Sabah.

As to the government’s claim to Sabah, it is as clear as day that the President practically gave it up. First, he called it “a hopeless cause”. Second, he acknowledged Malaysia’s ownership of Sabah which is AGAINST THE PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION (ARTICLE I, NATIONAL TERRITORY: The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, AND ALL OTHER TERRITORIES OVER WHICH THE PHILIPPINE HAS SOVEREIGNTY OR JURISDICTION consisting ….); AGAINST PHILIPPINE LAWS like RA 5446 and AGAINST GOVT PROTOCOL (Memorandum Circular No. 162, s. 2008).

Why is this unheard of subservience to the Malaysians? Their part in the Framework Agreement is not enough justification. Is the Philippine government supposed to be ever grateful to the Malaysians because of their mediation in the Peace Talks between the Government and the MILF?

But why? People naturally infer that the Malaysians favor the MILF, their fellow Muslims. So the Lahad Datu crisis should have given the Philippine government the chance to exercise leverage over Malaysia and thus weaken the the ties between MILF and Malaysia.


The even more arrogant actions and statements of the Malaysians, even when referring to the Philippine government is so mind-boggling as it has no precedence in the history of Malaysian-Philippine relations.

While I love Malaysia – the country and its people, I, like many right-thinking Filipinos, am shocked at the actions and statements of the Malaysian government. I believe they would not do that without the imprimatur of the Philippine government.


But the actions of the Philippine President now make many people wonder. Has the Philippine government agreed to drop the Sabah claim in exchange for a peace agreement with the MILF ?

But why would the Philippine government do that? A peace deal with the Moros is never to the interests of the government, at least to the minds of the Christian majority. Just remember the passionate hatred for the MOA-AD by the Filipino majority.

If a peace pact is important to the government, then we would have had a working peace agreement a long time ago. It looks like there is something else that the people do not know. Perhaps to sweeten the deal, Malaysia offered something else – like a few billion pesos in exchange for a peace deal AND the dropping of the claim?

The government’s announcement that the MILF has dropped the claim on Palawan becomes very telling. While the MILF agreed to limit the talks on the small ARMM, which excludes about half of the Moros in the Philippines, I don’t see anything on the Framework Agreement that says Palawan or any other parts of the Philippines shall never be able to join the ARMM. On the contrary, I think there is a proviso that allows for future entry of barangays, cities, municipalities or even provinces.


The MILF’s apparent anger over the Lahad Datu incident, their approval of the handling of the event by the PeNoy government, Eid Kabalu’s nomination for ARMM governor and his appointment as consultant to the Armed Forces of the Philippines make one doubtful of MILF.

The MILF’s arrogance in saying that the Moros should not do anything which would imperil the peace talks is sheer B.S. Are the peace talks only for the benefit of the MILF? Are all Moro concerns supposed to be put in the back burner until the Peace Talks are ended? When will that be? In 2016 when there will be another Philippine president?

So please tell us, what have the Philippine government and the MILF sold to the Malaysian government? The Bangsa Moro and the whole Filipino people deserve to know.


2 thoughts on “What is PeNoy’s quid for Najib’s quo?

  1. The Sultanate’s people in Sabah are Filipinos with a valid mission backed by legal and historical rights. Whether they committed crimes in the eyes of both the Philippine and Malaysian governments, that is beside,the question. First and foremost is to assist them, as we assist some Filipinos who committed crimes and later on convicted – because they are Filipino citizens. The more we should help these Filipinos in Sabah. We can do no less. It is the duty of this government to protect its citizens as Malaysia is duty-bound to do the same.


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