Datu Jamal Ashley Yahya Abbas is a Moro gentleman whose academic and work background includes Petroleum Engineering, Energy, Business Economics, Financial Markets, Media Studies, Journalism, French and Spanish languages. He has been to several countries in Asia, including the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and North America including Hawaii.

He is a Consultant on Communication / Media Studies as well as Energy and Climate Change. He used to teach Mass Communication courses at the University of the Philippines and the Kalayaan College. Currently, he is teaching Mass Communication courses at the Far Eastern University and the FEATI University.

He is a freelance writer / editor.

Datu Jamal Ashley Yahya Abbas in Marawi City


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7 thoughts on “Author

  1. Senor Datu Jamal…nicely articulated… it is
    indeed unfortunate that many of our journalism
    schools have not yet found the paramount
    importance of investigative reporting… but
    there are good investigative reporters out there.
    my cousin, glenda gloria, is one…

  2. Assalamualaikum.
    I learned a lot about our family from reading your article and I want to thank you. I’m zippy your niece’s daughter.

    zulficar erlynn sinsuat tolentino

  3. the sufferings of moros have not been highlighted as the filipino elite, generally, always serve the US
    interests. Moreover, muslims, being the underdogs, do not have much of resources to get a fair share in
    the media.
    I ‘ve info that moros etc who fouhjt gainst the Soviets in Afghanistan, and some of whom also fell martyrs to the cuase, brought their plight to the notice of their
    comrades-in-arms, the fellow-majahideen.
    sir, can you tell me something about the pioneers
    of the fight against US colonials, moros or oth
    er muslims?
    God bless you!

  4. Dear Sir (Datu Jamal Ashley Yahya Abbas),

    Good day. I am a PhD student at the National University of Singapore-Communication and New Media and would like to request you for a 30-40 minute online (chat) or telephone interview with regard to your experiences as a Moro blogger. Your participation will be highly appreciated and a small token may be provided after the interview.

    If you are willing, I will anticipate your reply at cheryllsoriano [at]

    Many thanks in advance, Sir.

    Best regards,
    Cheryll Soriano

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